Spoilers for Coronation Street: Aadi Alahan and Nina Lucas’ shocking act of cheating

Aadi and Nina are about to commit a grave error. (Image: ITV)

In Coronation Street, Nina Lucas (played by Mollie Gallagher) and Asha Alahan (played by Tanisha Gorey) have been having problems lately, but things are about to get worse for them.

As Asha was partnered with paramedic Isla for her training, things between them became more problematic as she quickly started to look up to her.

Though things abruptly changed when Asha chose to change mentors after Isla said she was starting to feel something for her, Nina first viewed this as an infatuation and quickly became envious of how much time the two were spending together.

Though neither of them is too excited about the idea, Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) informs in subsequent scenes that he wants to throw a special supper for Asha and twin brother Aadi’s (Adam Hussain) birthday.

But instead of having the confidence to tell Dev how she truly feels, Asha persuades Aadi to go to the lunch and offers to host a party for her afterwards.

Asha and Nina push Aadi to tell Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) how he truly feels about her when he invites her to dinner.

Asha gets a surprise call from the university as the twins are finishing up preparations for their birthday celebration, and she quickly tells Amy everything.

She clarifies that Isla has been accused of displaying improper interest in her, and she is positive that she has already identified the source of the complaint.

Despite their disagreement, the two end up kissing. (Image: ITV)

Enraged, Asha snaps at Nina, claiming that, out of envy, she reported Isla, but is she really saying the truth?

When Aadi informs newbie Bobby (Jack Carroll) that Amy is off the market, Amy tries to irritate him and refuses to come to his birthday lunch.

Afterwards, Aadi discovers Nina agitated in Victoria Gardens, and they exchange stories about their arguments with Asha and Amy.

But soon after, the atmosphere shifts, and when Aadi gives Nina a praise, they lean in to kiss.

..However, Asha finds out quickly after (Image: ITV)

Aadi and Nina have a private conversation the next day and decide not to bring up the kiss again.

Unfortunately, Asha spirals out of control as she starts to suspect anything suspicious after receiving a lovely birthday present and a guilty glance.

She is distraught when Aadi and Nina tell her everything since she has no other choice than to come clean.

Later, Asha rushes over to Aadi’s apartment and tosses the gift—a stunning bracelet—at him. She then storms out, vowing never to see him again.

She is unaware that Aadi is still asleep and that there is a broken carbon monoxide alarm beside her.

Will Asha come to regret what she did, or will they see the problem before it’s too late?

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