Charlotte Jordan of Coronation Street attests to Daisy’s significant transformations at the Rovers as she assumes

The famous Rovers Return bar in Coronation Street is entering a new chapter in its history when Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) and previous landlady Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) take over as co-owners in the new year.

Daisy withdrew the money out of the bank account that Todd Boyce’s character Stephen Reid had set up to hide the money he stole from Underworld, therefore their acquisition of the bar wasn’t quite legal.

Daisy was able to ease her guilt by telling herself that Carla Connor (Alison King) didn’t need the money and that Stephen owed Jenny a great deal for what he had caused her.

Charlotte Jordan said, “There are things that Jenny and Daisy have done to get the Rovers that they are not proud of.”

“Although it was a lot of fun to play out, I don’t think it will endure very long.” She continued, noting that soap opera transgressions are always discovered—even if it takes a while.

Daisy is enjoying it in the interim, the actress said, adding that her character has to concentrate on it following her breakup with Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard).

Daisy is devoting her entire being to the Rovers. That’s all she has left. She has lost her future as well as her love, hero, and small family.

Thus, giving up on the Rovers is not an option. She is eager to possess something that she can be proud of and identify as her own.

Daisy has a ton of plans to make sure the company succeeds.

Residents of Weatherfield collaborate to open the bar (Image: ITV)

Charlotte predicted that “she will be overflowing with ideas to improve the home.”

She is aware that the company has to update its business plan; else, it wouldn’t have closed down in the first place.

One of Daisy’s primary sources of support on the program is The Rovers. She went into dubious terrain to rescue that tavern because she loved it! She’ll do every effort to turn it into a profitable venture.

Given the dubious circumstances behind Daisy’s acquisition of the business, viewers will find it intriguing to see how Daisy’s co-ownership affects Jenny and Daisy’s relationship.

“There will be a power struggle,” Charlotte said.

The hierarchy of relationships has always been quite evident. It’s Daisy, Queen Jenny’s sidekick. It’s going to be very difficult for Jenny to regard Daisy as an equal now, I suppose.

Daisy needs to seem as though nothing has changed in public, so when they are alone, she will naturally want Jenny to respect her and give her views some thought. and I have a feeling that things won’t go as planned!

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