Fans of EastEnders respond to a quick and poignant character exit

After Whitney Dean and Zack Hudson’s (Shona McGarty and James Farrar) foster kid Ashton (Jensen Clayden) left in recent scenes, EastEnders viewers were moved to tears.

After being given the go-ahead to become foster parents, Ashton became Whitney and Zack’s first foster child, arriving shortly before Christmas.

Although he naturally took some time to adjust, Zack and Whitney quickly hit it off, and by the conclusion of their time together, the three of them were getting along like a house on fire.

Whitney and Zack, however, were soon informed that Ashton had been placed in a permanent home by social services, which meant they would have to part ways.

After breaking the news to Ashton, they quickly waved him off, giving him a heartfelt embrace, and vowed to never forget him.

Many viewers were moved by the moments. Ryan described the situation as wholesome on Twitter/X, and user MissLionHeart tweeted a GIF of a toddler sobbing as they said farewell.

Young actor Jensen Clayden discussed his time portraying Ashton after the production, stating that he “loved every second.”

Along with other EastEnders actors Colin Salmon and Heather Peace, fans flocked to the comments section to offer their support and best wishes for him going forward.
After Ashton leaves, Whitney and Zack must decide on a crucial matter after Whitney finds out she is pregnant.

Zack is eager to have his own kid, but Whitney is scared to become pregnant again because she thinks something may go wrong.

Will their love last given their divergent perspectives on the future?

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