During the trip, Helen Flanagan brutally made fun of David Haye while spreading false rumors.

With her kids, Helen Flanagan had some vacation in Bali (Photo: WireImage)

After Helen Flanagan was mercilessly beaten on her trip to Bali, her devoted fans stood up for her.

The 33-year-old Coronation Street actress and her three kids rang in the New Year in Indonesia, and she has been sharing photos and videos of their trip on social media.

But one troll quickly accused Helen of flying to the island to visit former boxer David Haye and his model girlfriend Sian Osborne after hearing the rumblings in her most recent tweet.

However, the celebrity’s pals have refuted the allegations, stating that she is “happy single and dating.”

With the tagline “Jungle chic,” Helen stood for the cameras while wearing a black and white Karen Millen outfit.

“Can’t believe you took your kids there, when you’re about to hook up with David Haye & his partner Sian is there too,” was the remark that was later removed but was seen by The Sun. really cheesy
Rosie Webster’s costume choice was swiftly defended by fans, with @_holly2678 commenting, “No one gives a f**k if you like her dress or not.”

“Real guys don’t remark on how women dress,” said @rxdws_.

David and Helen were teasing his model girlfriend Sian Osborne in The Mirror in May of last year.

Earlier this year, Helen and David were reunited. They hit it off immediately and have been chatting often ever then, an insider close to the former Corrie star told the newspaper.

Recently, Helen was the subject of several rumors. (Image: Shutterstock/ITV)

After 13 years together, the Rosie Webster actress and Bristol Rovers star Scott Sinclair called it quits last year.

“Helen and Sian have also met and hit it off right away,” the person said. The three of them got along well, and Helen is a really accepting person.

“Since going single, Helen has gone through several challenging dating situations, but she is truly enjoying David’s company.”

They stated that despite having been friends for a long time, the two had recently really bonded and had a lot of chemistry.

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