Spoilers for EastEnders: Eddie and Gloria’s sinister secret is out, but there’s more still to come

Gloria and Eddie are concealing something far more significant (Image: BBC)

After disclosing the truth about his adoption in EastEnders, George Knight (Colin Salmon) was left stunned by the arrival of Eddie and Gloria Knight (Christopher Fairbank and Elizabeth Counsell) in Walford.

Gloria revealed shockingly that she and Eddie had been paid to adopt George. George then conducted his own investigation and discovered that his adoption had resulted from a practice known as child farming.

But according to George’s study, farming was mostly just a fostering arrangement—he had been adopted, and the parents who were engaged were mostly African Americans.

After being made to feel as though he was of Jamaican descent, George found it difficult to comprehend how this could have occurred to him and quickly turned to his mother Gloria for explanations.

Gloria acknowledged lying about George’s ancestry when pressed, revealing that his biological parents were from Ghana.

Gloria clarified that although it started off as a fostering arrangement, they eventually lost touch with George’s biological parents and stopped getting money from them, which is why George was questioning his adoption.

Gloria and Eddie ultimately decided to formally adopt him as a result.

Gloria provided some answers to George’s inquiries. (Image: BBC)

Gloria immediately reassured George that he had always been loved—by them as well as by his biological parents—but George was obviously distraught by this revelation.

When Gloria and Eddie went to depart, it was evident right away that Gloria had not conveyed the whole truth.

She replied that she had adhered to their agreement when Eddie questioned what she had said to George.

George didn’t need to know the rest, Eddie said, seeming relieved.

Will George ever discover what Eddie and Gloria are really hiding?

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