Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley, who play Aaron and Robert in Emmerdale, get together to talk about the “next chapter”

Ryan Hawley and Danny Miller, two Emmerdale actors, got up for a drink to discuss their upcoming book, and they delighted fans with a photo of their outing. The actors who portrayed Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden on the ITV soap formed Robron, one of the most well-known couples in serial drama history. Danny posted … Read more

Emmerdale spoilers for April 5, 2023: Leyla and Caleb watched by hooded figure and sparks fly for Mary and Faye

Tonight (April 5) on Emmerdale, things take a deadly turn as a cloaked person stalks Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi). Leyla learns some surprising information: dreadful drug dealer Callum Matthews (Tom Ashley), who they engaged in a standoff with in the woods, has been released on bond after his arrest. Due to Leyla’s anxiety, she believes … Read more

Emmerdale fans staggered by Dan Spencer’s age

Fans of Emmerdale were shocked to learn Dan Spencer’s (Liam Fox) actual age in a recent episode. Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) informed her father that she didn’t want to shout at Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) today after she accused him of following her around during their argument. Mandy (Lisa Riley), who was intrigued by this … Read more

Could Billy Fletcher be leaving Emmerdale?

Jay Kontzle’s character Billy Fletcher from Emmerdale struggles to keep his sinister secret to himself. The audience is aware that Billy was driving when Alex (Liam Boyle) was struck and killed, and that he left the drug-dealing bad guy for dead. Yet, he is not the one being blamed at this time. All of that … Read more

Emmerdale spoilers. Major ‘special’ story revealed for Mandy Dingle and Amelia Spencer

The Emmerdale actors Lisa Riley and Daisy Campbell have pledged to appear in several further scenes as they team up for a new narrative that will reveal something “really spectacular” in the future. Mandy Dingle offered Amelia Spencer a job doing bookkeeping at her salon in Friday’s (March 31) Emmerdale episode. In response to Amelia’s … Read more

Emmerdale spoilers: Billy’s exit confirmed as he hands self to police and is jailed?Emmerdale spoilers: Billy’s exit confirmed as he hands self to police and is jailed?

Billy (Jay Kontzle) of Emmerdale is hiding a horrifying secret: he was responsible for Alex’s (Liam Boyle) hit-and-run, which left him for dead. Billy’s guilt will eventually catch up with him, and because Charles (Kevin Mathurin) is now the one bearing the blame, it won’t be long until he is locked up. After spending a … Read more

Emmerdale spoiler videos reveal Naomi taken down a peg, Rhona crushed and Leyla’s stalker exposed

Another thrilling episode of Emmerdale is planned, and the repercussions of previous events are expected to rock the hamlet that bears its name. Despite being wholly innocent of the crime, Charles Anderson is being questioned by the police about why drug dealer Alex was left to die in a hit-and-run. But, Naomi Walters, the daughter … Read more